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Government Agencies

Spectra Engineering & Research, Inc. prides itself on an impressive history of providing professional engineering and surveying services for a variety of government agencies. Many of these have become repeat clients for SER as we have completed several projects for these agencies and municipalities.  Some are currently in design phase, while the rest are under construction.  For all of these projects, SER provided full civil and site engineering, site planning, permitting and constructio administration. 

Related Projects

Florida Board of Regents

+ FAMU Plant Operations Facility
+ FAMU Foster-Tanner Building
+ FAMU Child Care Center
+ FAMU S.B.I. Addition
+ FAMU General Classroom Building
+ FAMU Decked Parking Garage
+ FAMU Parking Lot
+ FAMU Student Services Building
+ FAMU Journalism Building
+ FAMU Coleman Library
+ FAMU Pharmacy Building Phase I & Phase II
+ FAMU Carnegie Library
  • FAMU Recreational Facility
  • FAMU Stormwater Master Plan
  • FAMU Recreational Facility
  • FAMU Pharmaceutical Research Wing
  • FAMU College of Law School – Orlando
  • FAMU Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) – over 60 sites
  • FAMU Asbestos/Lead Studies & Abatement
  • FAMU Campus-Wide Electrical Upgrade
  • FSU Alumni Village Drainage Improvements
  • FSU Continuing Civil Engineering Contract
  • FAMU Al Lawson Teaching Gym
  • FAMU Continuing Engineering Services Contract

Leon County Commission

+ Continuing Civil Engineering and Surveying Contract
+ Leon County Operation Center
+ Orange Avenue PD&E Study and 30% Design
+ Kate Ireland Park
+ Leon County Solid Waste Transfer Station
+ Northeast Branch Library
+ Lake Munson Park
+ B. L. Perry Branch Library
+ Planned Urban Development (PUD)
  • Lake Munson Restoration
  • Employee Parking Lot Design
  • Leon County Fleet Management
  • Alford Arm Park
  • New Cypress Landing Park
  • Leon County Carpet Building Project
  • Leon County Fuel Depot

Leon County School Board

+ Continuing Civil Engineering and Surveying Contract
+ Chiles High School (permitting)
+ Kate Sullivan Elementary School Parking Driveway and Stormwater Pond
+ Riley Elementary School
  • Wesson Elementary School Renovation
  • Raa Middle School Addition & Site Plan
  • Rickards High School ROTC Building
  • Rickards High School Administration Building
  • Fort Braden Elementary School Addition and Site Improvement

City of Tallahassee

+ Myers Park Curb and Gutter Improvement
  • Vehicle Wash Facility
  • Tom Brown Park Stage Addition
  • City of Tallahassee BP-3 Electric Station
  • City of Tallahassee BP-17 Electric Substation
  • Village Square Intersection
  • On-site Loan Mitigation Program
  • City’s Stormwater Management Continuing Services Consultant Firm

Gadsden County School Board

+ Havana Middle School

Department of Management Services

+ Continuing Civil, Water, and Sewer Services

Department of Corrections

+ Graceville Work Camp
  • Master plan of Proposed Correctional Institute

Suwannee River Water Management District

+ Continuing Contract as Engineer-of-Record
+ Continuing Environmental Services Contract
  • Environmental Site Assessment of over 15 separate sites

Northwest Florida Water Management District

+ Continuing Civil Engineering and Surveying Contract
  • Environmental Site Assessment of 24 separate sites

Department of Housing & Urban Development

  • Housing Unit for the Handicap, Mariana, FL
  • Housing Unit for the Handicap, Tallahassee, FL
  • Housing Unit for the Handicap, Panama City, FL

City of Qunicy

  • Route & Topographic Survey
  • Right-of-Way Survey
  • Cross Roads Academy New Classroom Addition
  • Cross Roads Academy Site Improvement
  • Cross Roads Academy Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Quincy Fire Station Environmental Site Assessment

City of Gretna

+ Town of Gretna Industrial Park
+ Town of Gretna Recreation Park

City of Midway

  • City Hall Drainage Improvement
  • Boundary & Location Survey
  • City of Midway Improvement Park
  • City of Midway FDRAP Park Design
  • City of Midway Intersection and Road Improvements

Town of Eatonville

  • Eatonville Public Library
  • JFK Streetscape Beautification and CEI
  • NPDES Annual Report
  • Site Plan Review-Fire Station/DAT-Shaw
  • Flooring/Kennedy Center
  • Walgreens Store Site Plan Review
  • Drainage, Utility MasterPlan, and Stormwater

US National Forest

  • Gopher, Frog and Alligator Trail

Other Clients

  • United States Post Office
  • Chattahoochee Branch Library Construction